Developed with Philips Lighting for Dutch Design Week 2016, Lightfall is a modular, immersive and interactive experience that allows people to play cascades of falling light and sound. When there is no-one playing Lightfall, it takes on a personality of its own, providing a gentle audio-visual backdrop that can adjust to suit the mood or occasion within a space.
Lightfall is designed to make spaces more engaging and magical. People can interact with the work without explanation: the user simply breaks the circle of light, triggering falling light and sound in the corresponding area of the light curtain. The user can then further explore the subtleties of the interaction.
The design of Lightfall can be broken into two categories: physical and digital. The physical aspects of Lightfall are a curtain array of LED strings that can be adjusted to suit any space, a projected line of light that acts as the main interaction point, and a surround loudspeaker array that works to perfectly match the perceived locations of light and sound. On the digital side, bespoke software allows smooth and intuitive interactions with people; and also with other inputs, for example audio level in the space, or internet APIs.
Lightfall becomes a part of the fabric of a space, bringing a unique personality that engages and surprises.

Winner | Architecture | iF design awards 2017

2016 | Glow, Eindhoven; Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

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