Working with Philips Lighting Design, and alongside Marchi Architects and Renault Group Design, this project presented a unique challenge: three discrete lighting systems (Philips Hue, Luminous Surfaces and Color Kinetics) needed to be programmed in a way that they were able to react to their environment, and the movements of the car in and around the house.
With the help of specially built modelling software, we arranged 6000 Color Kinetiks iW LEDs in a configuration that achieved a changing Moire effect when viewed from different angles. We also built bespoke light content software that made different light states recognizable, but never exactly the same. This generative, parameterized control of the light effect (both physically and digitally) allowed the effect to be constantly in flux and reacting to its environment in an organic way.
“The shared vision with Philips Lighting, allows us by lighting, to strengthen the link between the house and the car.”
Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Design, Renault.

Innovation Award Nominee 2017

2017 | IAA, Frankfurt
2018 | Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

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